St Benedictus Abdij - Achel
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At the entry of the village, the monks moved in procession toward the church of the parish. As they passed, the inhabitants knelt and asked the monks for blessings – a scene of another age, really touching. After a solemn prayer in the church, the procession restarted in the direction of the Monastery. When the monks appeared in the greenery of the large trees, they began to sing the Litanies of the Holy Virgin, in order to be under her protection. Lastly, it was with the enthusiastic song of the Psalm “Laetatus sum” that they entered their new residence. When they arrived in the old church of the convent, they bowed down and recited “Miserere,” and when they had finished the prayers prescribed for the monks who return from a trip, one solemn “Te Deum” ended the small ceremony.

Dom Martin arrived that evening. The following day, he proceeded to the reconsecration of the church and as of this day, the monks restarted their regular life.

Dom Joseph-Marie de Moock (see image), first Prior, controlled the community from 1839 to 1868. He restored the old buildings and added visitors’ accommodations and workshops to it – and, in 1850, a brewery. Dom De Moock continued with his efforts of improvement of the grounds in order to increase the agricultural production. He had a great spiritual influence on the hosts, reprocessing, priests, officials, and magistrates. Through this, the monastery became well known, in Holland especially.

The successor of Dom de Moock, Dom Bonaventure Hoes, 2nd prior until 1871, was elected 1st abbot of Our Lady of Saint-Benedict on May 10 th, 1871 and was blessed on November 3rd by Monseigneur de Montpellier, bishop of Liege.



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