Chimay (abbey Our Lady of Scourmont)

In brief...

1850 A community of monks, from St Sixtus, arrives in Chimay.
1859 Demolition of the building of the farm-school, at the end of 1859. The work is organized so that stones, bricks, and frames are recovered and used for the construction of what will become the new brewery...
1861 In November 28th, an officiel authorization is obtained to create a brewery.
1862 The building of the brewery is completed.
1863 Official start of the production of beer. A "double bavaria beer" is created, but will not be maintained.
1875 The first batches of "tarred beer" are sold (tarred beer was a "strong beer" sold in tarred barrels)
1915-1919 The production is stopped because of the first world war.
1920 The production of beer is started again, as well as sales. The "strong beer" sold at that time, needed to be kept between 18 and 24 months in cellars before it could be sold.
1942 Monks leave the abbey, because of the german invaders.
1944-1945 It is decided to completely redesign the brewery, and the professor De Clerck, from the univeristy of Leuven, is required to help improve the processes of production, regarding the most up-to-date techniques.
1948 The prototype of what will soon become "Chimay Blue" is launched.
1955 A commercial agreement is signed : the sales of the beers of Chimay in Belgium are under the responsibility of the brewery "de la Perle".
Father Theodore becomes brewer. The next brewers will be Father Vinel and Father Thomas, who dies in 2000.
Racking is transferred in November 1978 to the industrial zone in Baileux, a few kilometers from the abbey.
The brewing room is remodeled...

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