Chimay (abbey Our Lady of Scourmont)

- History of the brewery of Scourmont

At the beginning of his missions as Abbot, Father Hyacinthe Bouteca thought of equipping the monastery with a brewery, which would ensure sufficient income to support an increasing community.

An architect, Father Hyacinthe had very practical qualities of contractor, mason, and section engineer. This is why during the demolition of the farm-school between 1859 and 1860, he organized the work so that the recovered stones, bricks, and frames could be used for the construction of the cattle sheds, the cisterns, and the new brewery which he completed to draw the plans.

The lay brothers were charged to assist the semi-skilled workers who, using dynamite, started the digging of the wells of the brewery.

There is no document specifying the date on which the construction of the brewery began, but the abbey does have a document dated November 28, 1861, which authorized the creation of a brewery.

The buildings of the brewery, like those of the dairy, were completed in 1862. The last authorizations were delivered at the beginning of 1863 by the members of the permanent Delegation of the provincial council of Hainaut, who estimated, in their meeting of January 10, 1863, that “Sieur Bouteca Liévin is authorized to obtain for the service of the Monastery, in Forges, two steam engines: one, of eight horses to drive the grinding stones and the accessories of a brewery, the other, of one horse, to beat the butter. This equipment will be supplied with two steam boilers”

The authorization of the Governor was taken on January 31, 1863. All the requirements of the law being finally satisfied, monks could then make beer...

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The brewery around 1900

Bottling around 1900