Orval (abbey of Our Lady of Orval)

In brief...

1070 First installation of benedictine monks on the site of Orval
1132 The Bishop of Verdun, AIbéron, meets Saint Bernard and tells him how sorry he feels to see the Orval foundation abandoned. A colony of monks is then sent on the site. It is the beginning of centuries of occupation by the monks.
1793 The abbey of Orval is destroyed by the armies of the french revolution.
1926 The abbey is offered, by the family De Harenne, to the Order of Cîteaux.
1927 A colony of trappist monks arrives in Orval
1931 It is decided to build a brewery
1932 First brew. The architect Vaes, who designed the new abbey, also creates the chalice glass, the bottle and the label. Martin Pappenheimer is then master brewer and beer is also sold in 75 cl bottles.
1950 The headquarter of the brewery is installed in Orval and the brewery is modernized.
1952 A direct fire brew kettle is installed in the brewery
1957 The cellars of the brewery are renewed.
1979 The brewing kettle is equipped with a steam heating system.
1983 The bottling unit is modernized

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