The "historical" trappist breweries

The brewery of the abbey of Tegelen

The convent having been founded by monks of Westmalle, it is not surprising that a brewery was built in it. The production of beer was indeed already well-established within the abbey of Westmalle at that time.

It was during the spring of 1891 that the construction of a brewery was started, within the convent. It was completed in the fall of the same year, and one could consequently brew beer of low fermentation, named Lager. This beer contained 4% alc./volume.

The beer was bottled in bottles with stoppers, of 30 centilitres. These bottles carried a label with the name of beer. The raw materials were bought outside the abbey.

The beer was intended initially for the personal consumption of the monks, but production was also launched for the guests of the monastery. Every monk had right to drink daily, during dining, 2 pints of the aforesaid beer. Toward the end of the 1930s, the annual production reached approximately 250 hectolitres. The beer was also sold outside, in particular in the area of Venlo. It was delivered by tri-car.

In 1947, the brewery was stopped because the raw materials (malts, hops) were very difficult to obtain. The abbey was then directed towards the production of cider.

The building of the brewery still exists today.


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