Tilburg (abbey of Our Lady of Koningshoeven)

The construction of the abbey

In 1891, the monks began the construction of a vast abbey which could shelter two hundred monks. The dedication of the new church happened on September 17, 1894. Present were all the members of the general Chapter who had met that year in Tilburg, as well as a great number of ecclesiastical dignitaries. The chronicle declares that never, perhaps, since the Middle Ages, had the ground of Holland seen similar religious solemnity.

In 1898, the community was already plentiful enough to found the Monastery of Our Lady of the Refuge, in Zundert.

A few years before the Great War (1914-1918), difficulties of various orders forced Dom Willibrord I to resign and leave the Abbey. But, Divine Providence took care of this first foundation of the Order in Holland, and in the end, everything went for the ever enthusiastic and prosperous community. Dom Simon Dubuisson was elected abbot in 1913.

Since 1925, various claustral buildings were completed, the brewery and the farm rebuilt, so that on March 5, 1931, the 50th birthday of the foundation of the Abbey, all construction was finished.

The community continued to grow. When Dom Simon dies on February 16, 1945, there were 150 monks.

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